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Toussaint Blog Week 1

Monday 23rd

This morning, we woke up thanks to Diva who jumped on our beds. Next, we dressed up and we had breakfast. Then we did an english lesson with Grace. After we brushed ponies and horses like Buster, Brooke, Jamie, George, Annie… We all ate croque monsieur and there were delicious. We were divided in three groups. It was very fun ! We all rode ponies and horses, there were very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. The first group was Jade with Brooke, Ariane with Jamie, Marilou with Rubix and Coline with Buster. The second group was Clémence with Buster. The third group was Jeanne with Annie ,Céleste with George and Honorine with Swing, she is an apprentice. We ate rice with meat sauce. We are writing this blog. We will watch a film.

Tuesday 24th

In this Tuesday morning, we slept very well but Michelle woke us and say                     “ Waky, Waky !”. We took our clothes in the bathroom but Coline was staying in for thirty minutes. After, we had English lesson with Grace. It was very nice to learn about Halloween. We brushed the ponies and horses ,the same as Monday. Then we have lunch, it was delicious ! We take care again of the horses and ponies and when we did that, the other groups were riding their horses. We rode the ponies yesterday, it was very cool. After we washed the ponies,the sadies and the bridles. Then, we went to the shower. We ate french fries with burgers and for Ariane, it was a hot dog. Now we are doing the BLOG. We will watch a film.

Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!

Wednesday 25th

This wednesday, Grace came to woke us at nine to quarter. We did our english lesson with Michelle. We work on the brushes, saddles, parties of the horses and bridles. We put on differents clothes because exceptionali we haven’t bruised and rode horses and ponies. We all ate very delicious sandwiches. We chose horseshoe for tomorrow because we are going to paint them. After, we go to the swimming pool but we have a problem the road is blocked. In then swimming pool, it was very funny because we laughed a lot, so we can do the blog earailer. We had struggled to open the lockers thanks to Céleste we did it ! We showered there. After Coline has bought m&m’s and it was delicious ! Then we returned at home and we will have dinner and we think it will be delicious like the other days. After the dinner we will watch one or two episode(s) of “the worst witch”.

Thursday 26th

Today we woke up very late ! So we took our breakfast very quickly. ( Céleste want to say she had clear the table ). We had an English lesson with Grace and we worked about Ed Sheeran and a famous song called “Shivers”. We sang like a saucepan. After we brushed the ponies and horses and Jade did an extra lesson of horse riding on Rory. Then we had lunch sandwiches. We rode ponies and we jumped ! ( In the rain but it’s a detail ). It was very amazing ! After we painted horseshoes, so we brushed them before, it was a bit hard, but we did it ! Clémence had just jumped for the first time with Jamie ! She loved it ! After we brushed again the ponies and horses and we showered at the house. We will had dinner now and after, go to bed ! We will watch the film or read our books just before, don’t forget it !

Friday 27th

Today we woke up later as yesterday, because we are always late ! So we took our breakfast and did our English lesson with Grace. We finished to worked about Ed Sheeran with a song called “Bad Habits”. We sang lire a saucepan like yesterday ! After we started to play a comedy, in three scenes. There are three characters : Daphne, Elmer and Phoebe. After a girl called Agathe came with us for a moment. Then we had lunch sandwiches. When we went out of the house, it was raining and all the day the weather was not very cool. So we brushed the ponies, it was very cold so we put all the rugs of all the ponies and horses. We did a hack on the ponies. After we finished to paint our horseshoes, they are very pretty. Now they are drying on the shelf of the veranda. We had jumped to but without horses. It was very funny. Then we have just choose our dinner for the restaurant just after our showers and now we are writing the blog