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Summer Blog Week 10

Monday, 28    

We woke up at 8 O’clock and had breakfast thirty minutes after, it was delicious. We went to the stable. Agathe had a single lesson with Buster and as a coach, Grace. “It was very

nice !” she said. After she finished, Ines and Marie brushed Rubix, Eva and Zoe brushed Rory and Lison and Olivia brushed Swing. And we all brushed the little ponies.

The first group was composed by Ines, Lison and Eva and the second group was composed by Olivia, Marie, and Zoe. Eva, Lison and Ines did the stable management.

After riding horses, we ate our sandwiches together. At 2 p.m,  we had an English lesson with Grace. We worked on the question’s word, conjugate, and did crossword. The rest of the afternoon, we went to the swimming pool and we really liked it. We went back home at

8 p.m. We called our parents and had dinner. We ate spaghetti. To finish we did the blog.

It was Z, E, M, L, A, I, O’s blog.

Tuesday, 29

We woke up at 8 O’clock and had breakfast at half past eight. We went to the stables to brush : Rubix, Brooke, Jamie, Benson, Harry, Swing

While the first group was riding, the second group did some poo picking. When the first group finished the lesson, the second group took back the horses for their lesson. We did stops in the center of the arena, in letter x. The objective was to introduce the beginning of a dressage competition. We give a shower to Rubyx and brush the other horses. Agathe had her single lesson with, for pony, Buster and, as a coach, Grace.

We came back to the house and ate our sandwiches. We had a break at the chill corner for one hour. After we had our English lesson with Grace and worked on Ed Sheeran. We did oral comprehension and listened to Ed’s music. To finish the lesson, we did biographies.

At the end of our afternoon, we painted some horseshoes in music, it was very funny! We took our showers and ate our dinner. It was composed of rice, chicken and peas. For dessert, we ate ice cream. To finish our day we played Werewolf.

   It was Z, E, M, L, A, I, O’s blog.

Wednesday, 30

Today we didn’t have our horse riding’s lesson, instead, we had our english lesson.

We learned the different parts of horses, saddles and bridles. After, we had a break and we played Werewolf. For lunch we ate sandwiches.

Agathe, Ines and Marie went to the car of Grace and Eva, Olivia, Lison and Zoe went to the car of Michelle. Later, we went to Cadre Noir. We saw stables with big horses and we could touch them. We went to an inside arena. A guide explained the different grades of rider and the functioning of the stable. It was very nice!

We revised our english and went downstairs in order to eat our dinner. It was composed of potatoes, pastas, and cordon bleu.

Then we did the blog 

   It was Z, E, M, L, A, I, O’s blog

Thursday, 31

Today, we woke up at 8 O’clock and had breakfast at half past eight. Olivia and Ines brushed Rubix and Harry, Zoe and Marie brushed Benson and Buster, Agathe and Olivia brushed Rorry, Agathe and Ines brushed Albert, Jack and Archie. Lison brushed Brooke, Eva and Lison brushed George. Agathe and Zoe brushed Swing. The first group : Eva, Lison, Ines started their riding lesson with Brooke, Jamie, Rubix and, as a coach, Grace. We did working poles. Marie, Olivia and Zoe jumped. Agathe did canter for the first time of the week !

 We ate lunch and we had our English lesson. We revised what we did yesterday with Michelle and wrote a text about a trip.

This afternoon, we did a lot of chores: we brushed horses, cleaned stables and fed the hay into their bags. Then, we ate burgers composed of onions, tomatoes, cheese, steak and salad. Before going to bed, we watched a film called ……          

Then we did the blog.

    It was Z, E, M, L, A, I, O’s blog

Friday, September, 1st

Today, we woke up at 8 O’clock. Then, we had our English lesson. We talked about food and whether. Grace gave us a theatre piece and we worked on it in the chill corner, before going to lunch, we revised the piece. We did our suitcase for tomorrow.

For lunch, we had our usual sandwiches. Everyone took a croque-monsieur except Zoe and Marie who took sandwiches. We stayed in our bedroom while it was raining and when the sun came back Grace went into our room to choose our main courses for tonight’s dinner at a restaurant. We went to the stables to brush the horses. Olivia and Ines brushed Rubix and Benson, Marie and Zoe brushed Swing and Harry, Lison brushed Brooke and with Eva, she brushed Jack and Albert. Agathe had her single lesson with buster and as a coach, Grace. She jumped and did a great job. The first group, Zoe, Olivia and Marie had their lesson with Rubix, Jamie and Swing. They did the same lesson as the second group (Ines, Eva and Lison) did yesterday. The other group, Eva, Ines and Lison had their jumping lesson with Jamie, Swing and Rubix. When it was finished, we brushed the horses and we took them back to the paddock. We found a dead bird in the water of the horses.

 We went back home, took our showers and did the blog. We got prepared for tonight and did a theatre piece in front of Michelle, Grace and their friends. We went to the restaurant.

We enjoyed the week with Grace and Michelle. We loved the horses. We really want to come back next year. Thanks to Michelle and Grace.

It was Z. E. M. L. A. I. O’s blog.