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Avril Blog Week 1

Monday 8th

We arrived yesterday in the afternoon by train for Oscar and Victorine and by car for Elisa and Andrea. Grace had a puncture so she arrived later at the house. We unpacked our bags and put our horse things in the tack room. During the dinner we spoke about us and our families. We ate mashed potatoes and sausage with some vegetables. Then we started a movie called Beethoven. We went to sleep at 11 pm. This morning Michelle woke us up at 8 am then we prepared ourselves for horse riding. Then we went downstairs for breakfast. Before going to the stables we brush our teeths. After that we went to the stable to start taking care of the horses. Oscar and Victorine brushed Jamie Rory Buster Archie Rubix while Andrea and Elisa brushed Brook Jack George Annie. Elisa and Andrea took Jamie and Rory to the field while Oscar and Victorine washed Buster’s tale, then they took Buster and Brook to the field. After that we came home to have our English lesson. Oscar Elisa and Andrea worked on verbs while Victorine worked on horse stuff. After this we all ate croque monsieur prepared by Grace. After a calm time where Andrea played the piano we returned to the stables to prepare for our horse riding lessons. Oscar rode alone; he took Brook on a particular lesson to learn how to ride. Grace explains everything he needs to know. During his lesson Victorine Elisa and Andrea brushed Annie Harry Rubix Archie Benson and greased the feet of everybody. Then they started to prepare for their lesson. Victorine rode Archie, Andrea, Rubix and Elisa, Annie. They worked on serpentine on the trot with transition to walk on the middle line then to trot again. It was a very good lesson for everybody. Oscar watched us during our lesson. Then we untack our horses, brushed them and cleaned the tack with Grace and Louana. In the meantime we ate our gouter. We came back to the house where Victorine Andrea and Elisa had another half hour of English where we worked together while Oscar was taking his shower. Now we are writing the blog. Then the girls are going to shower, we will eat and finish Beethoven.

Tuesday 9th

Today was a bit like yesterday. We woke up at 8 am and we dressed. The girls got down from their room and Oscar joined them for breakfast. After breakfast we brush our teeths and put our shoes on to go to the stable. Like yesterday we brushed the pony in groups who changed during the morning. Then we all brought them to the paddock and brushed all the horses. After changing our shoes we get back to the house for our English lesson. Oscar did only one hour while Victorine Andrea and Elisa did one hour and a half. Victorine did a cambridge test while the others worked on sports and directions. Then we all ate our croque monsieur with chips and chocolate BN. During the calming time, Andrea played the piano and Oscar the harmonica. Then we get back to the stables for our riding lessons. Victorine rode Archie with Louana on George. Then Oscar rode Brook on a particular lesson. Then Andrea and Elisa rode Rubix and Annie. During Victorine’s lesson the others brushed the horses then during the others’ lessons Victorine cleaned the tack of Archie, George, Alf, Brooke. When the girls got down from their lessons, Victorine cleaned their tack and Andrea and Elisa took care of their horses. Then we ate our gouter before going back to the house for the last half hour of the girls’ English. We are now writing the blog and after that we are going to take our shower before dinner. Tonight we are going to continue the movie that we started yesterday about a football coach.

Wednesday 10th

We woke up at 9.30 am and ate our breakfast. Then Michelle gave us our English lesson. We talked about the different types of horse competitions and body parts. After this we ate our croque monsieur. During the calming time, Andrea taught Victorine how to play the piano. Then Victorine Elisa and Oscar played chess. Then Michelle drove us to wall climbing next to Poitiers. Everybody slept in the car. After wall climbing we played the baby-foot before taking a little snack and playing UNO. It was really funny! Then we came back home and bought bread for dinner. At the house we helped Grace to tidy the arena before going to the field and played with Diva. The girls had their last half hour of English lesson where they had to translate a dressage session. We are now writing the blog, then we are going to take our shower before dinner. We will end the day by finishing the movie : Home team.

Thursday 11th

This morning we woke up at 8 am. Then we get dressed before breakfast. Oscar slept later because he was really tired. We returned to the room to brush our teeth. We went to the stables for our riding lessons. Andrea and Elisa rode first. Andrea got Swing and Elisa, Rubix. They worked on down poles. During this time, Victorine brushed George and Jack and changed the ponies’ rugs and cleaned their feet before taking them to the paddock with Louana. The Oscar came for his lesson. He rode Buster and went for the first time in the arena. Then Victorine and Louana rode respectively George and Archie. Victorine worked on George’s head position which was really difficult at the start but more easy at the end. Then they worked on down poles too. Grace took care of George while everyones get back to the house for lunch. Then we had our English lesson where we worked on Ed sheeran. It was quite funny. After that we went back to the stable to help Grace with a lesson. We prepare Jamie, Brooke and Buster. During the lesson we had to stay near the ponies to help the little guys. We ran by their side for trot. After their lesson we take them to do the tour of the field. Then we brushed all the ponies except Buster who was still in a lesson. We put all the rugs on, changed our shoes and came back to the house. We finished our Ed Sheeran thing and helped Andrea with her homework. We are now doing the blog before going to the shower. Tonight we are eating Burgers ! After the burger party, we are going to watch a new movie. And tomorrow, we are jumping before going to do another activity. And we will finish the day at the restaurant.

Friday 12th

We woke up at 8 am and had our breakfast between the girls because Oscar slept till 10 am. Grace had a lesson so we brushed the pony. Elisa brushed Jamie and Rory while Victorine brushed Brooke and Buster and Andrea brushed her little Swing. Then Victorine brushed George, Elisa Albert and Andrea, Jack. During this time, Oscar prepared Buster for his lesson. During his lesson, the girls were still brushing their horses. Then they prepared George, Rubix and Swing for their jumping lesson. They worked on cross, vertical and cavalettis on a line. It was really funny. Then we all showered our horses because it was so hot. Then we get back to the house for our meal. During the calming time, we all showered ourselves to prepare for the restaurant. Then we had our English lesson. We prepared a theatre place that we are going to play in front of Michelle and Grace before going to an activity this afternoon. The place is called The Little red robin and it’s telling the story of a red robin who wants to cook a banana split with her lazy friends. Tonight we are going to the restaurant to finish the trip well; It was a super week, we learned a lot and it was really funny.