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Summer Blog Week 6


Today we wake up at 8 am. After the breakfast we brush our teeth and prepar us to go to stables. In the stables Margaux brush Jamie and Brook with Lilas, Juliette brush Harry and Swing with Oceane and Hermione brush Rory. After Juliette,Oceane and Margaux ride a horse. Juliette ride Jamie, Oceane ride Buster and Margaux ride Brook. For finish Hermione ride Rory and Lilas ride Brook. After the lesson we go to lunch. At 2:00 pm we had our english lesson and finish at 3:30 pm. After the english lesson we go to stables. Hermione go alonge Archie during Lilas and Oceane brush Benson and Rory. Margaux brush Harry Rubix and Swing with Juliette. After we took the horses to the paddock. After we took our shower and go to dinner. We so tired good night and see you tomorrow


Hello, today we wake up at 8 am in the morning. After breakfast we brush our teeth and go to the stables. Juliette brushes Jamie and Brooke with Margaux and Lilas , Oceane brushes Rory and Swing with Hermione. Juliette rides Jamie , Margaux rides Brook and Oceane rides Buster and Hermione rides Rory,Lilas rides Swing . After the courtyard, we went to eat . At 2:00 pm we had our english  lesson finish at 3:00 go to the stable Hermione allonge archie Juliette brush Harry and buster with Margaux and Oceane Lilas  brush Besson and Archie After we gave vitamin lollipops and shower go to the dinner , after eating, we’re going to watch a movie And we’re going to bed tomorrow !!!


Hello, today we wake up at 8 am in the morning and we saw the weather it’s very rainy and windy so we don’t have riding lesson. After the breakfast we have got english lesson.

After we go to stables. Margaux brush Jamie, Brooke, Harry and Buster with Oceane,

Lilas brush Swing and Rory with Hermione. During his time Juliette revise his gallop theory 3. After the lunch we go to stabels because the weather is better. We ride horses Juliette ride Jamie, Lilas ride Swing, Hermione ride George Margaux ride Brooke, Oceane ride Buster and Grace ride a bike because we go in hack.  After we go to swimming pool. It’s agreable after the big day. We go to dinner and sleep.

Se you tomorrow!!!


Hello, today we wake up at 8 am in the morning. After the breakfast we brush our teeth and prepar us to go to stables. Oceane ride Swing the first time. Margaux brush Brooke, Hermione brush Georges and Rory, Lilas brush Harry and Rubix and Juliette brush Jamie. After Hermione, Margaux, Lilas and Juliette ride. Hermione ride Georges and rory, Margaux ride Brooke, Lilas Rubix and Juliette Jamie. Today we have jumping. Hermione must do 2 cakes.

Ocene during this time brush Swing, Bester and Harry. After the seances we go to the house and we go to the english lesons. After the lunch we go to the Cadre Noir and see many horses and visit stables. We buy a clothes, a plaid and 4 postcard. We go to dinner and sleep and see you tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!


 we wake up at half past eight. After breakfast, we have an english lesson. We do a theatre play in english on spiderella. Next, we brosh a pony. Hermione and Lilas brosh Brooke. Margot, Juliette and Oceane brosh Jamie. We have lunch. After that, Hermione do dressage with Rory, during is time Lilas brushes Harry and Rory, Juliette, Margot and Oceane brosh Swing and Bester. Next, Juliette ride Jamie, Margot look Juliette and Hermione, Lilas and Oceane brosh Rory and Rubix. Next, Hermione and Lilas brosh Benson. After, Hermione longe Archie. We put horses in paddock.We take a shower and Juliette pass a galope three. After that, we are white a blog. We will go a restaurant this evening. GOOD BYE