Summer Blog Week 5

Today we wake up at 8 am in the morning, we put some clothes on us for the breakfast, after the breakfast we brush our teeth and prepare us to go to the stables. Margot and Elise ride first and during her lesson Lilas brush Jamie and Harry with Carla, Hermione brush George, Rubix and Benson with Emilie. After Emilie and Hermione as her lesson, and during this time Margot brush Archie and Albert.Noelyne and Morgane brush Buster, Brooke and Rubix. Carla and Lila brush Swing, Jack and Albert. After we eat our lunch. We had our lesson of english with Grace during 1 hour and 30 minutes. After that we watch a movie with projector in the wall because outside it was cloudy so we can’t go to the lac today, it was so cool, we was so happy, the name of the movie was #realityhight. When the movie was finish Morgane, Lilas, Noelyne and Carla went to the stables for our riding lesson. Morgane ride Rubix and Lilas ride Swing they was the first group of the afternoon, After her riding lesson Carla ride Swing and Noelyne ride Rubix. NOELYNE HAD HER FIRST CANTER!!!!!!!!! We was so proud of her! She almost fall but she still alive and that a good things lol! The other girl who watching theme go take they’re shower. During Grace, Carla and Noelyne was running under the rain! When Noelyne and Carla arrive at home they’re get stuck outside because Michelle don’t let us come home lol! After everybody has our shower we ate and now we do the blog. And now we are tired so good night!

Hello today we wake up at 8 am, we prepare us for the breakfast. Today we need to be fast because everybody need to ride the morning because we had activities the afternoon. Elise and Margot was the first to ride, Elise ride Rory and Margot ride Archie after her Emilie, Hermione and Lilas had our riding lesson Emilie ride George, Hermione ride Rory and Lilas ride Rubix. And for finish the last lesson was with Noelyne, Carla and Morgane, Noelyne ride Rubix, Carla ride Swing and Morgane ride Brooke. During all the lesson the horses has brush. Margot brush Archie, Emilie brush George, Rubix and Benson with Lilas, Hermione brush Rory with Elise and she also brush Buster and Harry with Morgane, Noelyne and Carla brush Swing, Brooke, Jamie, Jack and Alber. When the morning had finish we took our lunch and had our english lesson at 2:15 pm and finish at 3:45 pm I think. After that we make a vote to know if we go to the lac or to the swimming pool, we finally choose the swimming pool because it was a quite frizzy outside.Julien and Michelle take us to the swimming pool, and we had fun from 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Grace, Diva and Michelle take us to home. We took our shower and have dinner and now we are doing the blog. After this long day we are tired so good night and kiss!!

Today we wake up at 8:30 am, we prepare us for the breakfast.

Margot and Morgane brush Archie, Elise and Hermione brush Rory, Noelyne, Carla and Morgane brush Swing, Brooke, Jamie, Buster, Harry and Jack. Hermione, Lilas and Emilie brush Rubix, George, Benson and Albert. Margot and Elise ride first, Margot ride Archie and Elise ride Rory. After Emilie ride George, Lilas ride Brooke and Hermione ride Rory. When the morning had finish we took our lunch and had the english lesson at 2:00 pm and finish at 3:45 pm. Morgane, Noelyne and Carla ride this afternoon, Morgane ride Rubix and Carla ride Swing and jumping it’s so cool !! And Noelyne ride Rubix and she ride alone. After the lesson Noelyne wash Rubix with Elise and then it was our turn to take a shower !! Tonight is a burger night it’s so good and very cool and now we are doing the blog. So good night !! XOXO

Hi!! Today we wake up at 8am (like every day lol). We prepare us for the breakfast. Today Hermione brush Rory, Albert and Harry with Lilas, Emilie brush Benson and Jack alone and she also do George with Margot. Morgane, Carla and Noelyne brush Buster, Jamie and Brooke, Noelyne also brush Rubix with Elise. This morning all the girl ride. The first group was Elise and Margot, Elise ride Rubix and Margot ride George. The second group was Emilie, Hermione and Lilas, Emilie ride George, Hermione ride Rory and Lilas ride Brooke. And the last group was Carla, Noelyne and Morgane, Carla ride Swing, Noelyne ride Rubix and Morgane ride Brooke. We had our lunch, and After we had our lesson with Grace and Morgane and Carla with michelle! After that we put our swimsuit on us and go to the lac. Michelle and Julien take us to the lac. Carla and Elise do some sand castle!! Grace join us with Dolly!! After we all play to volley and the party of volley finish in gymnastic competition!! We had dinner. Before go home we just go to Grace and Michelle friends, and we go home! Now we are writing the blog and tell some funny stories!! So good night and BIG KISSSSSS!

Hello!! Today is the last day…We are so sad and we all want to stay more time!! This morning we wake up at 9am! We prepared us for the breakfast and also for go to the stables. Margot was the only girl to ride because she pass her dressage test! The other girl brush the horses all the morning! Hermione brush Albert, Jack, Benson, George and Rory with Emilie and Lilas. Elise, Morgane, Carla and Noelyne brush Brooke, Jamie, Buster, Harry, Swing and Rubix. After that we prepared our bag for go away tomorrow… We had lunch and our english lesson with Grace, Diva and Dolly (Dolly was a little bit intrusive lol!!) After we went in the room for finish our bag and prepared us, we took our shower (and makeup 😉 Because tonight Grace and Michelle take them to a surprise!! So now we are doing the blog before we eat I think we eat PIZZAAA (that’s cooool) and we are exited to see wat we gonna do tonight!! And after when we came back home we are gonna brush our teeth and go to bed!! BIG BIG KISS and see you next year!!