Summer Blog Week 7

One week with horses in english.

The first day of the week was perfect. We wake up at seven o’clock after we eat breakfast . Then we are prepared for a horse riding lesson. The lesson consists of work about our sit and our position. We took care of the horses and we brushed them in groups. Then we eat our sandwiches that Michelle and Grace made. Afternoon we have an English lesson with Grace. Then we went to the lake and there were good feelings about it. We did kayak and paddle board and we came back to the club. After we took our shower one by one and for the people waiting there were games. And to finish this extraordinary day we had dinner together .

The second day of the week was amazing . We woke up at eight o’clock then we had breakfast. We went to the stables to prepare the horses. We have the two riding groups with George,Rory and Rubix. We worked on leg yield and the halt . We gave a shower to the only mare at the stables, the horse call Brooke. We choose our lunch ; sandwiches. Then we went to the English lesson for two hours. After the last riding group has his lesson with Jamie,Swing and Buster. Other groups took showers while the last group finished to take care of their horses. To finish this amazing day we ate a good meal together.

Good night everybody !

Today was Wednesday and it was great ! We wake up at 8 o’clock in the morning. Then we had breakfast and we ate toast and cereales. The three riding groups brush their horses. So we ride: jamie,brooke,swing,rory,rubix and george . We prepared the jumping’s lesson with our horses. We ate our sandwiches that Grace and Michel made. Then we have our English lesson with Grace. After some girls take their snacks while a person did her galop3 theorie. We took care of the leathers of the saddles and the bridles. Then we went for a picnic to the lake.We swam in the lake. We end the day with a beautiful view with the horses in the back.

Thursday was a lovely day !

The three riding groups jumped with their horses: George,Rubix,Rory,Jamie,Brooke and Swing. We did a jumping lesson which went very well ! We had a serie of jumps. We ate our sandwiches like we did all week. Then we had our English lesson which was about singers and crosswords. We went into our room to take a break and we went outside for a moment. We ate hamburgers and chips then we were going to watch a movie. See you tomorrow for the last day !

The last day…

We eat our breakfast like we used to. Then we did our bags and suitcases. After we had our English lesson : we learned about horse vocabulary for exemple :saddle,clothes, bridle,stirrups etc …. and we ate our sandwiches ;they were so good! We went bowling for two hours.We repeated our roleplay then we did it . Then we ate pizza and chips and then we had a boom ! The week was very good ! Thank you Michelle and Grace


The 7 days were incredible Signed by Louise,Adrienne,Nattanane,Emma,Celeste,Anna,Athenais,Oriane and Celestine.