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Summer Blog Week 9

Monday 21

We got up at 7:30. We get ready and have our breakfast at 8 o’clock. For our breakfast, we ate bread with spread, speculos spread. We drank some apple juice and milk with cereal. After, we brushed our teeth and went to the stables with grace. We put our boots on. Then Ava prepared Alf, Constance prepared Georges, Pierre prepared Archi, Midline and Faustine prepared Swing and Buster and Marion prepared Rory, Rubix and Albert. Alf had a very big stone in his hoofs and Ava had to ask for help to Grace. Then the first group (Ava Constance and Pierre) had their riding lesson. Ava rode Alf, Constance rode Georges and Pierre rode Archie. They did leg yield and double half circle. Then we went for a little walk and the other group (Faustine Marion and Midline) had their riding lesson. Midline rode Rubix, Faustine rode Swing and Marion rode Georges just after Constance. They did serpentines and transitions during them. Then, we shampooed Alf for a very long time and Rubix after his lesson. The other horses just have a great shower to refresh them. At 12:30, we went eating our lunches. We ate sandwiches, crisps and knoppers. We played the Uno while waiting for our English lessons. The english lesson was about music in general. We had a writing and an oral comprehension. We also wrote a biography about a singer that we drew in a bowl. At the end, we all chose a famous British person that we presented as some riddles. After that we went bowling. We met Orian and we played with him. We played for an hour. Ava and Constance shared a Nutella crepe, a nutella waffle and a banana milkshake. Marion and Midline ate a crepe. Faustine ate a chocolate waffle with chantilly. Pierre drank a cherry coke. Grace won the bowling with a hundred points. We went back home, had a shower and ate dinner. For dinner, we had some lasagna which were yummy. During the dinner, we talked about summer holidays and Grace and Michelle’s safari in South Africa. While we write the blog, Midline and Ava are drinking some tea and Faustine is drinking hot chocolate.

Tuesday 22

 In the morning, we woke up at 7.30. For breakfast we ate the same as yesterday. After we brush our teeth we join grace to go to the stables. We went there and we brushed the horses before riding. Everyone rode the same horses as yesterday. The first team rode, they did zig zag with leg yield. At the same time the second group brushed horses, Midline brushed rubix, buster and started Brooke and jamie. Faustine brushed Swing and Harry. Marion brushed Rory, Albert, Benson and Rubix. Next the first group brushed horses while the second rode. During the lesson the second group did leg yield and grace rode on Swing. Pierre gave a shampoo to Archie and washed the saddles. Ava cut the mane of Brooke, plaited his mane, and washed the bucket. And Michelle cut his tail. Constance helped Pierre to wash Archie, brushed Jack and washed the saddle and double bridle of Ava. After everyone cleaned the equipment. Grace gave a shampoo to Rubix when Midline and Faustine washed and plaited Swing. Marion washed George. After that we came back to the house to have lunch. We hate sandwiches and croque monsieur. While waiting for the English lesson, we played card games. In the english lesson we did a bit of history of england, it was about the London big fire in 1666. We watched a movie, Mister Bean’s story. We went back to the stables to take care of the horses because Pauline wasn’t here. Then we took a shower and we went back to the living room. Finally we ate the dinner, it was rice, broccoli and peas with chicken and for dessert we ate ice cream.

Wednesday 23

Today we woke up at the same hour as the last two days and also for breakfast. After, we brush our teeth and we go to the stable where grace was waiting for us. We did two teams : ava constance and marion jump with rory georges and rubix, and pierre faustine and midline go for a hack with brooke buster and swing. Rory tries to make Ava fall 4 times, and Georges stumbles by himself. After, Marion and Constance go for a short hack. Faustine pierre midline and washed their horses, marrion and ava shampoo rubix and rory. Midline Pierre and Faustine bring the droppings up. After we came back for an english lesson on the equestrian things : legs of the horse, saddle, bridle and other things.At 12:30 we ate sandwiches and at 13:30 we did another lesson on English songs. Grace sings a lot and we can’t hear the songs. At 15pm we went to the swimming pool, where we met Dawn and her student Lea. Ava lost her bikini, we ran on a crocodile and did water war. After that, we ate hot dogs and chips at dawn houses. We learnt a new card came. All evening Constance was scared about the turkey and we saw sheeps. On the return, Ava slept very well on the car and Grace woke her up really cruelly.

Thursday 24

 This morning we woke up like the other days… At 8 o’clock we had our breakfast, so we ate bread, cereal, etc… We went to the stables and it was already raining. We began by brushing Jamie, Swing, Brooke and Rory. Outside the storm there was a lot of lightning. We took all the horses back to the stables because it was raining a lot. We brush George,Rubix, Jack, Benson, Archie, Albert. Then we went with Faustine, Midline and Pierre for our riding lesson. It began to rain a lot again so we gave up because we were all wet and tackled down all our horses.  Because it was raining too much raining, we had a one hour English lesson and we translated a dressage test. Then we had lunch inside. After lunch, we played the spoon part and the Kems. Then we had the second game of English lessons. We talk about atypical myopathy with Sycamore seeds. We went back to the stables because the weather was really better, however it was really hot and heavy. So Pierre, Faustine and Midline had their riding lessons. So Midline was on Rubix, Faustine was on Swing and Pierre was on George. They had a jumping lesson and we jumped a route. During this time, Marion, Constance and Ava went on a hack. Constance was on Buster, Marion was on Alf and Ava was on Brooke. They went around the lake and went back to the stables. Rubix had a shower and we shampooed George. Then we had our shower and free time. Now we are going to eat. Then we will watch the Mamma Mia movie with ice cream.

Friday 25 august

This morning we had breakfast as usual. After that we went to brush our teeth and we went to the stables. We brushed  the horses and the first group rode. Pierre rode on Archie, Constance rode on George and Ava rode on Alft. They did “hunches in”.

During this time, Midline, Faustine and Marion shampoo Harry. Grace teaches a dressage  lesson to a woman who rode on Rubix. After that the second team rode, Midline rode on Rubix, Faustine rode on Swing and Marion rode on George. After that we ate our sandwiches. Next we went to our English lesson, we started with an essay, next a scrabble and after that we did a play, this lesson was very fun. After that Lea and Dawn came to the stables and Lea rode on Buster in the round pen. Midline and Faustine stayed with her to take pictures. During this time Constance, Ava and Marion came back to the house to take their shower and pack up their clothes. We did the blog and we were going to eat with Lea, Dawn and Orian for our last diner. After we are going to do the play, it’s Rafonsel. Pierre is the narrator and the Mother bird, Constance is the narrator too, three chicks and the Hound Dog, Ava is Rafunzel, Midline is the climber, Faustine is the narrator too and Bumble bee and Marion is the Prince. We are probably going to do a blind test (even if we are sure that grace is going to win).