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Summer Blog Week 2

Monday 3rd July (Jame’s birthday 🎉)

Today we woke up at 7:40 a.m. After getting dressed, we had our breakfast. We went to the stables around 9:00 a.m. We each brushed one or two horses. The first riding lesson started by the first group that was composed of Anais who rode Rubix, Chiara who rode Rory and Julia who rode Swing. During this lesson, the other group took back the last horses who were in the paddock (Alf, George and Archie). Then the second group got ready for their riding lesson and went to the area. There were Ella who rode Swing, Appoline who rode Rubix and Andrea who rode Goerge. During this lesson, the other girls and Jame washed the saddles and the bridles. Then Jame rode Brooke in the round.

We all got back to the house to eat lunch, we ate sandwiches and croques monsieurs. We had free time before the English lesson : we revised some verbs at different times. At the end we did crosswords. After, we took the car to go to the lake which was very nice with slides. We stayed there for two hours. Then we went back home and took our showers and had dinner. We ate pasta with bolognese and cheese. Right now, we do the blog of the day. Good night 🙂 🙂 !

Tuesday 4th July :

Today, we got up around 7:45 a.m. We dressed up and went downstairs to have breakfast. We ate chocolate bread and cereals, and we drank juice. Then, we went to the stables and brushed the horses and ponies. Appoline and Anais brushed Rubix, Ella and Julia brushed Swing, Chiara brushed Rory and Jame and Andrea brushed George for the lesson. After that, the first group got their hats on to be ready for the riding lesson. Ella rode Swing, Appoline rode Rubix, Chiara rode Rory and Andrea rode George. During the lesson, the other group took care of Buster, Jamie and Harry. Then the second group went to the area for their riding lesson, it was composed of Anais with Rubix and Julia with Swing. During the second lesson, the first group cleaned Brooke for the last lesson (with Jame). Julia and Anais finished their lesson and Jame had his lesson. When Jame was riding we all fed the horses and the ponies. After the end of Jame’s riding lesson we went home to eat lunch.

In the afternoon, we had some freetime and then we learnt English with Grace. We worked on the city of London. 

After the English lesson, we went back to the stables to prepare Jamie for Aurora’s lesson and Rory for Chiara’s second lesson. Then we all got back home to take the showers. During the showers, we had freetime. At the end of the day, we ate our dinner : meat, potatoes and beans. For dessert we all had ice cream. Now we are writing the blog and we are going to bed soon.

Good night 👍👏 !

Wednesday 5th July : (Chiara’s birthday 🎉)

Today, we woke up around 7:48 a.m Then, we got dressed and went downstairs to eat our breakfast. We went back upstairs to brush our teeth. We got to the stables and, like yesterday, Ella and Jame brushed Buster, Chiara brushed Rory, Appoline and Anais brushed Rubix, Julia and Adrea brushed George. After that, Chiara watched Grace when she was leading Alf. After, Jame had his lesson with Brooke. When Jame was riding Brooke, the blacksmith came to shoed Rubix who lost his shoes yesterday and looked up at Buster’s legs. Then, the blacksmith left and the second got prepared for their lesson. As yesterday, Chiara rode Rory, Appoline rode Rubix, Ella rode Swing and Andrea rode George. At the end of the lesson, Ella and Appoline gave their horses to Julia and Anais for their lesson, Andrea and Chiara got back to the stables and took care of the horses helped by the other girls and Jame. The third lesson started, during it, they cleaned the bridles and the saddles. When all was finished, we got back to the house but Dolly started chasing a chicken, so Grace had to run after the dog.

We had lunch and some freetime. At 2:30 p.m, we all had our English lesson. We worked on the directions and on conjugations.

Then we put our swimsuits on and got to the lake (the same as Monday). We played in the bouncy castles, we did some paddle and had a picnic. After that we played volleyball and we had to stop because Michelle and Grace called us to come to eat Chiara’s birthday cake, it was very good !

We went back home and now we are doing the blog. After this we are all going to have a shower and go to bed. Goodbye 🙂 👏

Thursday 6th July :

Today, we woke up at 8:02am. Then, we went downstairs to have our breakfast. We got back upstairs, brushed our teeth and our hair. Then we put our trainers on to get to the stables. We all brushed some different horses : Appoline and Julia brushed Rubix, Ella and Jame brushed Buster, Chiara brushed Rory and Anais and Andrea brushed George. Then everybody brushed the other horses. After that, the first group got ready for the jumping lesson, everybody was very excited. The first group was composed of Andrea with George, Chiara with Rory and Julia with Rubix. During this lesson, the other group filmed them. At the end of the first lesson, the second group, composed of Ella and Swing, Appoline and Rubix and Anais and Jamie, prepared their horses and went in the area to walk their horses. Afterwards, the group went into the jump area and started jumping. During the second lesson, the other group filmed them too. At the end of this lesson, Jame could start his jumping  lesson for the first time with Brooke and Grace, Then he got to the jumping area and jumped while Grace was running past him to hold Brooke. During Jame’s lesson, we showered Rubix and Swing. When all was done in the stables, we went back to the house and had lunch.

In the afternoon, during the freetime, Chiara, Andrea, Anais and Jame swam into the pool while Julia, Ella and Appoline were sunbathing. Then, we got our English lesson with Grace, we worked on the lyrics of different songs. After that, we had a break and ate the leftovers of Chiara’s birthday cake from yesterday. While Grace and Michelle were in the stables, we painted horse shoes. It was very cool ! Chiara had her riding lesson and rode George for the first time. We all had our shower and then we watched a film : Sing 1. We all had dinner with Grace and Michelle, we ate burgers and chips. Now we are writing the blog and Quentin’s friend, the magician, will show us magic tricks. After that, we are going to eat ice creams and go to bed.  It was a very good day ! 👏👍🙂

Friday, 7th July :

Today, Andrea, Chiara, Julia and Anais woke up at 8:30 a.m. Ella and Appoline got up at 9:00 a.m. and Jame around 9:30 a.m. The girls that were awake before 9:00 brushed most of the horses. Afterwards, Appoline and Ella went  to the stables and brushed the rest of the horses. We all got back to the house to have breakfast a little bit later than usual. Then we chilled in the bedroom. We had the English lesson in the morning, not as usual. We did the correction of the vocabulary of the crosswords and then, Grace gave us the script of a play in English to train to represent it tonight in front of Quentin, Patrice, Michelle and Grace. Then we had lunch, we ate sandwiches. We got ready and left the house by car to go bowling. We were with Quentin, Patrice and Grace while Michelle was at the hair shop and the supermarket. The bowling was great and Grace did a lot of strikes, she is very good at bowling. After the game, we had some snacks and played other games. We got back to the house and now we are doing the blog. It’s Julia and Jame’s last day, they will go back to their house tomorrow, so they should take advantage of it. Tonight, we are having a party with everybody in the house, we are going to eat pizzas, nuggets, chips… It’s going to be very cool !👍😀🎉