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Summer blog Week 1

Monday 26 th June

We wake up at 7:45 then we wear our equitations clothes . We ate breakfast and put on our baskets to go to the stables . At the stable we wear our boots and we go to brush our ponies . The groupe one ( Daphne, Camille and Elisabeth ) rode Brooke, Jamie and Swing and they went to the fields  In this time the second group ( Jeanne, Leonie and Rose ) brush a lot of horses and ponies. After the ride we had lunch sandwiches and we gave the rest of the apples to the horses. At 2:15 pm we start the english lesson with Grace.  Then we went to the lake and we went to the slide, it was not slidy. Camille, Daphne, Leonie and Rose bought some crepes and jumped on the trampoline. This time Jeanne and Elisabeth sunbathed on the beach.  Then we arrived at the riding stable and took a shower before dinner. At dinner we ate pasta with bolognese and ice cream for dessert. After dinner we went to the cocooning area to play badminton and archery. Now we are writing the blog and when we finish that we will go to sleep.

Bye bye see you tomorrow !!!!! 🎉

Tuesday 27 th june

We woke up at 7:45 and then we wore our equitations clothes. We ate our breakfast then brushed our teeth. At the stable we wore our boots and started to prepare the ponies for group one. The groups changed, group one became Daphne and Elisabeth, group two became Camille and Rose, group three became Leonie and Jeanne. After the lesson we ate sandwiches with apricot and biscuit. We did 45 minutes of break and played badminton. After that we had an English lesson. We finished the lesson and went to the stables. We took our boots for brushing ponies and horses to bring them to the paddock. When we came back home, we took a very good shower. It’s beneficial for hygiene. We ate our dinner. It was very good and Michelle bought new ice cream !!!! We did a little break to play badminton and now we write the blog 🙂Then we will go to sleep.

See you tomorrow !! 🎉

Wednesday 28 th June

We woke up at 7:45 am then we wore our equitation clothes. We ate our breakfast, cereals, bread and toast, apple and orange juice like every morning (it’s simple and very good). After breakfast we wore our baskets and went to the stables. At the stable we changed our shoes into boots and started to brush the ponies who had their first group ride. Camille Leonie rose, and Jeanne brushed the horses who they rode and many of the other horses. After the 3 lessons we had lunch some sandwiches with biscuit and apricot. We had a 45 minute break before the English lesson. During the tee time a young girl and a woman (Michelle’s friend) came for a riding lesson to Alicia. We presented it to her and then we went to the cocooning place during her lesson. At 5:30 pm we went to the same lake on Monday. We had dinner at the lake and jumped on the trampoline. After the pic-nick we went back home and started to write the blog. After writing we will take a very good shower before going to sleep.

See you tomorrow !!!!

Thursday 29 th June

We woke up at 7:45 am, then we wore our equitations clothes. We gate down and ate our breakfast then we brushed our teeth wore our baskets. After that we went to the stables, changed our shoes into boots and started to brush the horse and the pony for the first group. The 3 groups had jumped not the same high but all of us jumped. After the ride we returned to the house to eat lunch. When we finished lunch we took a break before the English lesson at 3:00 pm. After the lesson we went again to the stable for the particular lesson of Rose. While she prepared Rubix the other girls jumped over obstacles like the hobby horse but without horses. Rose jumped with Rubix. She said it was very cool. During the lesson the other girls put the ponies in their paddock. Retour in the house we took a shower and ate dinner at 8:15 pm. Now we have finished eating and we are writing the blog.

See you tomorrowwwwww !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Friday 30 th June, Alias The last day …

We woke up a bit too late ( 9:30 am), then we got dressed and went down to eat breakfast. After that we did our luggages before the english lesson. During the lesson we took a break to eat lunch and after the lunch we played English scrabble for the rest of the lesson. We went bowling. It was very very cool and a guy named Orien came with us to play. Daphne and Elisabeth did the best score and Rose the worst. We bought sweets. After the tour we went back home and took our shower for tonight’s party 🎉. Now we write the blog before the party and before dinner. Tomorrow the colony  will be finished and we will go home. This week was crazy and very cool. Michelle and Grace are very nice. The horses are very beautiful and great to ride.

Thank you so much for everything.

See you soon !!! 🎉