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Avril Blog Week 3

DAY ONE: 22/04/2024

We woke up at 8 a.m and started to make our bed and get dressed before having breakfast. After, we brush our teeth and go to the stables. It’s there that Judith brushed Brooke, Charlotte brushed Jammie, Clément brushed Swing, Louison brushed Rory and Margaux brushed Buster. We did 2 groups: the first was composed of Margaux, Louison and Clément and the second of Charlotte and Judith. The first group did Rubix and put the hay in bags of 6 kilos. During this time, the other group brushed Jack and Benson. It was the time for the first lesson: Margaux rode Buster, Charlotte rode a little bit Swing but he was injured so she took Brooke, and Clément rode Rubix. We did serpentines. We ate sandwiches and they were very good! After lunch, we played UNO and chill. At 2.30 p.m, we returned to the stables to brush horses and it’s time for the second lesson for Judith and Louison. Judith rode Rubix and Louison rode George. We came to the house to eat goûter. It was cake. We worked on English for 1.30 hours with Grace before writing the blog. After that we took our shower and had dinner. At dinner we ate potatoes, blue cord and cauliflowers. We finished dinner and went to the salon to finish the film that we began yesterday called Rainman and we went to bed.

DAY TWO : 23/04/2024 

This morning we woke up at 8.30 am. We dressed up in equestrian clothes, made our bed and we are going to eat breakfast. After, we went to  the stables and took Brooke and Buster in the paddock. Next, Judith and Charlotte brush Albert before Margaux goes with Charlotte to prepare the ponies they are going to ride. We grease the hooves, use the curry comb, the dandy brush and the body brush. We also put in a conditioner and detangle manes. During this time, Clement took care of Rubix. The group 1 did lateral movement. We rode the same ponies as yesterday. The other girls did hay bags.Then, Judith and Louison took Rubix and George to work on transitions walk-trot. We washed the saddles and bridles. 13.30 : it’s time to eat. We ate sandwiches of tuna and chicken roti. We talked for 45 min and began the English lesson. We needed to write a paragraph about a trip we went on, answer questions about Ed Sheeran and four exercises to work irregular verbs. Margaux finished a little bit before the others so she made crosswords. We returned to the stables to brush Jack and Annie after taking the gouter. Next, we did pions. It’s the first one for Margaux! Before taking them off, Michelle took a picture. We changed our shoes and returned to the house to write the blog. We are going to take our shower and eat.

DAY THREE : 24/04/2024

Like yesterday, we woke up around 8 p.m., made our bed, put on our horse riding clothes and went to eat breakfast. We ate bread spread with tartichoc. We went to brush our teeth and we started the English lesson with Grace. Today, we worked on horses and what we need to think about before becoming an owner. It was so interessant because we love horses and ponies! We reviewed the bases and the brush. Then, we went to the stables to prepare the lesson of Margaux, Charlotte and Clement. We need to brush Buster, Brooke and Rubix for the lesson. Judith and Louison helped them. It was a lesson on lateral movement. Louison and Judith didn’t ride today because we will go to the swimming pool this afternoon. We just put the rugs on the ponies and we go eat. Judith and Louison took the croque-monsieur, Margaux the egg’s one and Clement and Charlotte the chicken roti’s one. We ate this with crisps, petit beurre and fruit. After chilling, we did the first layer of the horseshoes. It was so cool! Everybody loves this activity. We brushed Buster, Brooke and Rubix. We came to the house to put on our costumes and let’s go to the swimming pool! It was so fun. We took our shower at this swimming pool. Judith and Margaux took the car with Michelle and Clement went with Charlotte and Louison in the car of Quentin. Next, we did the blog and now it’s time to eat! The swimming pool makes us so hungry.

DAY FOUR : 25/04/2024

We woke up at 8:40 and did the everyday tasks: made our bed, put on our horse riding clothes and went to eat breakfast but today is a special day: it’s Judith’s birthday! We ate the same things that we did yesterday. We started the day at the stables by taking Brooke and Buster from the paddock. Brooke broke the barrier to go near the works when there is a lot of grass so we needed to walk more to search for her. We prepared these ponies and Rubix before the lesson of Margaux, Charlotte and Clement. They jumped today. We did cavaletti, oxer and a cross. We did the same as yesterday at the end of the lesson, we did a little walk with our ponies and horses. They are so happy and sad because we love jumping but it was our last horse riding lesson. Louison and Judith have another one tomorrow because they didn’t ride yesterday. During our lesson, they brushed Swing, Harry, George and Jack and they searched for horses at the paddock. We just took care of our ponies and went eating. We chilled and did our English lesson about films, horses and Jennifer Lawrence. Outside, we prepared Rubix and George. Charlotte did a tail braid on Rubix. They started the lesson and did ground bars. During this time, Charlotte, Clement and Margaux brushed the ponies, Annie and Archie. They also began the second painting of our horse shoes. The two other girls came with us after they took care of their horses. Now it’s time to make the blog and take a shower before eating. We will eat burgers and cake for Judith’s birthday.

DAY FIVE : 26/04/2024

Like the other days, we woke up, we made our bed, put on our riding clothes and took breakfast. We woke up at 9 a.m. and ate bread with tartichoc and butter. We began with the English lesson. We worked on an Ed Sheeran song and a Coldplay song. Their names are Shivers and Viva la vida. We also began a piece of theatre named Spiderella. Margaux played Spiderella, Clement The prince, Louison the first step sister laydibug,Charlotte the second and Judith the fairy. At the stables, we repeated our spectacle and brushed George and Rubix for the lesson. Louison and Judith did jumping. We can take our horseshoes because they are dry! They are so beautiful! We ate our last sandwiches. Margaux took the chicken roti with Clement and Louison. The other girls took cheese, salad and ham. We did our shower and went to the Cadre noir of Saumur. We visited and went to the little shop. Margaux bought a teddy horse and Clement one magnet, one key ring and one USB key. We went to the house and it’s time for the blog. Tonight we are going to the restaurant.