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Day 1

We woke up at 8h30 and we dressed. After that, we had breakfast we took bread with tartichoc and cereals and we went to brush our teeth. Then, we went to the stables to took Swing and Rubix in the paddock. We prepared ourselves for Calistine and Zelie’s lessons and she did serpentine and Zelie rode Swing and Calistine rode Rubix. During the lessons, Lenaelle and Louison are brushed Jack and Albert. After these lessons, Louison prepared Archie and Lenaelle prepared Rubix for dressage lessons and we tested for the first time the dressage saddles. We did leg cessons. After that, we ate croque monsieur and sandwiches with crips and for the dessert we had fruits and cakes. We had a break after lunch and we played uno and we talked together. And we return to the stables. Zelie and Lenaelle start to brush Brooke and Jamie while Louison takes Annie, Calistine takes Harry and Louana takes Alf. Everyone was going to brush all the ponies and put up the rugs for the night. After, Louison and Zelie brushed Annie and Calistine and Lenaelle brushed Harry. We took away wings in the paddock of Jack and Benson. We start the lessons of english we did a written expression for presented us after that and take showers after that we ate sausages and mash potatos


We woke up at 8h30 am, we took breakfast we had chocolate bread and bread with tartichoc and cereals and we go brushed our teeths we went to the stables and took rubix and swing at paddock after that lenaelle and calistine brushed rubix and louison and zelie brushed swing and prepared for the lessons.

Zelie rode swing and Calistine rode Rubix during 1h and we did demi volt and transition and down the center line then louison and lenaelle brushed benson and jack after Lenaelle rode Rubix again and Louison rode Archie and she worked incurvation and serpentines  while Calistine and Zelie brushed swing because zelie rode him and brooke because she was dirty.

We ate sandwich ( a delicious croque-monsieur) with crips and for dessert fruits  and we took a break in the salon,we played quems and uno,  at 3 pm we learnt english with grace and did exercises of “to be” and the job

After the lessons we went to the swimming pool with Grace and Michelle, Lenaelle and Zelie went in the Michelle’s car and Louison and Calistine went to the Grace’s car we swam during one hours and we did tobogand again and again for finish we played volley-ball then we went back home and wrote blog


We woke up at 8 o’clock for help at the stables. We had breakfast and we ate chocolate bread and bread with artichoke.We brushed our teeths and we went in the stables , we brought ponies to the paddocks,Louison took Rory, Zelie took Jamie, they are in the same paddock. Lenaelle took buster and Calistine took Brook. We made them hay bags and cleaned the boxes of the ponies. Michelle explained how to clean the boxes. First we took the fork and we put the poo in a wheelbarrow.  We went into the paddocks with Grace to take George and Annie and Louison took George for her lesson and Calistine took Annie for put her in the box. During this time, Harry escaped and it was funny. Louison brushed Goerge while Calistine, Lenaelle and Zelie finish cleaning the boxes. Louison rode George and she did jump but it was difficult because it was raining and cold outside. During this time, others helped Louana for took the ponies in the paddock and put in the boxes. After lunch where we played president together. We returned in the stables and Calistine and Zelie brushed Swing and Louison and Lenaelle brushed Harry. After that, Calistine and Louison brushed Archie and Lenaelle and Zelie brushed Rubix. We did hay bags and fed horses. We went back home and had our shower because we had cold. After that, we worked on parts of the saddles, nets and horse’s body at the english lessons. For finish the day, we had an excellent dinner. We ate potatoes and cordon bleu.

Day 4

We woke up at 8h30 am and we had breakfast : we had tartichoc and bread again. We brush our teeths and went to the stables. We changed Buster to put him in the road’s paddock with Brooke and recup Swing. While Calistine and Zelie brushed Swing, Lenaelle and Louison took Archie to put in his box. Then, Louison and Lenaelle took George and Annie with Grace and put them in their boxes. Louison took Albert for put in his paddock and he had poop in the air and we took Rory and Jamie in another paddock and we filled the water. After, Lenaelle and Louison began to brush George but Lenaelle had to brush Buster to prepare them for the balade with Grace, Honorine and Quentin joined us with Diva, the dog, on bike. He fell and it was very funny and we couldn’t stop laughing. Calistine rode Brooke, Lenaelle had Swing and Zelie rode Buster. During this time Louison brushed Annie, Rubix and Benson, while Michelle tidied brushes. After the ride, Lousion unsaddled Brooke, Lenaelle Swing and Zelie Buster. After that, we put Swing and Brooke in the same paddock and Buster with Jamie and Rory. We ate croque monsieur with crips and for the desert we had BN. After lunch, we played president and we chilled. We started the lesson and we worked about Ariana Grande, we corrected the dressage recovery and we studied directions. We had a snack then and we returned to the stables to brush all the ponies except Rory because he went to work with Honorine. We return to the house for take a shower and wrote the blog before ate delicious burgers.

Day 5

We woke up at 8h45 and we had 20 minutes for get dressed we took the breakfast we had bread and cereals and chocolate bread then we went brushed our teeth.

We went at stables Louison and Calistine brushed George and Lenaelle and Zelie brushed Jack . After Calistine and Louison began brushed Buster and during this time Zelie and Lenaelle we went to the paddock for took Swing and changed Swing with Annie because brooke was alone. After that Zelie and Lenaelle brushed Swing.

We prepared Buster, Rubix, George and Swing for lessons. Today we jumped together. First Louison jumped with George. It was better than Wednesday then Zelie jumped with Swing, Calistine jumped with Rubix and Lenaelle jumped with Buster. Louison unsaddled George during the end of lessons because she was the first jumping and at the end of lessons together unsaddled our poneys and brushed them and put ponies in the paddock. Louison had Brooke and Zelie had Swing and they put them in the same paddock. After that, Lenaelle had Buster, Louison took Rory and Zelie took Jamie and we put them in the same paddock and Archie’s paddock. Rory was crazy and he went into the paddock in a quick canter. For lunch, we ate croque monsieur with crisps and chocolate cakes.m In the afternoon, we had our showers and we chilled. After that, we had last lessons and we did theatre. We did the blog before went climbing. After climbing, we went to the restaurant. Zelie took burger, Lenaelle to, Calistine took salmon pasta and Louison took carbonara pasta.