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With Pierre, Albane, Anita, Carmen, Louise and Oscar ,we start very well the morning of the first day. We ate  breakfast at 9.00am. We ate bread, milk, apple juice and cereales. 

After, we went to the stables for brush horses. A group brush Benson and the other group go to search horses at the pen. 

When the first group was ready we went, Albane Pierre and Louise to do our first lesson. Albane rode Buster, Pierre:Swing and Louise: Rubix.

Together we worked the transitions.

During this time the second group undo Anita, Oscar, Carmen brushed Rory, Jamie and Brooke. They also look at the first group’s lesson on the chair for the lesson . After, the second group, Anita and Carmen, rode Brooke and Rubix for one hour and a half.

For lunch Anita, Pierre, Albane and Oscar ate croque monsieur ;the other ate a sandwich of ham.In  the afternoon we brush all the horses(not Alf )

Then we played UNO and we had English class.

After Oscar rode Brooke for a half hour.

Then we ate sausages,mashed potatoes and carrots. It was very good !

To finish the day we write the blog .


We woke up at 8.30 am and we ate breakfast.Then we welcomed a new person :Louise.She is ten years old. After we brushed Benson, Jack and Rubix. Then we went to the pen to search for all the ponies. After Oscar rode Buster for his lesson. During this time we brushed the ponies ( Brooke, Rory,Swing and Jamie ). Then the group of Albane, Louise B and Pierre rode Rory, Rubix and Brooke. Together we worked leg yield. During this time Anita and Carmen cleaned bridles and saddles. After Louise S, Anita and Carmen rode Jamie,Swing and Rubix. We worked on the correct diagonal. During this time, Oscar, Albane, Louise B and Pierre watched the lesson. Then we helped Louise S, Carmen and Anita un-tack the ponies. After we had lunch, we ate the same sandwiches as yesterday. Then we had the English lesson with Grace and after that we went to the swimming pool. It was fun! There was a big slide!

Then we come back home and we do the blog. After we ate dinner and we went to sleep.

Good night!!!


This morning we woke up and ate the same breakfast of yesterday.We searched the ponies in the pen and we brushed them. After we saw the farea, it was very interesting because he explained why horses need horseshoes and which were the different types of horseshoes. After we brushed all horses but not Alf. At lunch we ate the same sandwiches of  yesterday (Anita changed for a tuna sandwich). In the afternoon we start with playing ping-pong and archery. Then we paint the old horseshoes of the horses. After we had the English lesson with Michelle because Grace was not here. We worked the parts of the horse and the stuff for horses. Then we continued to paint the old horseshoes and we ate the snack. After we took our shower and we ate dinner. We ate burgers and it was delicious!!! Then we went to sleep. 

See you tomorrow!!!


This morning we woke up at 8:30 am, and had breakfast as always.  After we searched the ponies at the pen and Anita and Carmen brushed Rubix and Swing. Louise and Albane brushed Albert and Jack. Oscar brushed Harry and Brooke with Pierre.Pierre brushed Benson and Brooke. Then Anita and Carmen rode Swing and Rubix for their lesson. We worked the direction and the ground bars. During this time, Pierre, Albane, Louise and Oscar brushed Harry, Jamie and Brooke and they watched the lesson of Anita and Carmen. After the lesson, Anita and Carmen brushed Swing and Pierre, Albane, Louise rode for their lesson and they rode Brooke, Rory and Rubix. During the lesson, Anita and Carmen brushed Swing and Annie. After we ate lunch and it was delicious!!! Then we played ping-pong and archery. After we had the English lesson with Grace and we danced in the garden, it was so funny!

Then we played the treasure hunt and we won this. We received a flow of Equi English and candies. After Anita,Carmen and Pierre write the blog. During this time Louise rode Annie for his training of the championnat de france and Albane helped him. Oscar rode Buster for her lesson. After we ate dinner and we finished the film “Stuart Little” and we went to sleep.

Good night!!!


In the morning, we had the same breakfast as always. The first group with Louise, Albane and Pierre rode respectively Rubix (aka mister moustache), Annie and Miss Brookette. We jump ! We had so much fun ! During this time Anita, Carmen and Oscar brushed Benson. After the lesson, the second group with Anita and Carmen had her lesson. Anita rode Swing and Carmen rode Rubix. They jump ! During this time Albane, Louise and Pierre wash the tail of Miss Brookette . Then we wash the tail of Mister Moustache. Then Pierre brushed Goerge and Albert. Albane and Louise brushed Jack. Then we had lunch. After we had the English lesson. We worked on the theatre piece of Rafunzel. It was very fun ! We go wall climbing (the roof).

Then we went to a restaurant called “au feu de boit”.

And we went to bed. Good bye hope to see you soon! 😀